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Devese is one of seven districts of the City Hemmingen and is directly at the southern edge of Hannover in the Region Hannover.

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Directly because of the federal highway 3, an excellent connection to the German freeway and motorway to Devese; a characteristic, which has already been recognized by several companies that have estabished themselves in the trade area of Devese.

Thanks to the proximity to the fairground and thus to the largest fairs world-wide ( industrial exhibition and CeBit) , Devese is an attractive address for visitors, who would like to stay longer in Hannover.

Devese, however, offers more than only busy driving and hectic working. With the Bürgerholz directly before the entry door and the local recreation area in the Deister, which is only a few minutes away by car, opportunities are offered nearby to regain new strength.

On you may view a place, which offers more than just a passage through for commuters.

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